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I'll bite...

To be honest, I still don't know what the fuss is about. There are so many options for a guitarist to utilize in their setup, that you simply don't need a guitar RE. Obviously I used to be in the "want more guitar RE" camp, but opinions can change, and often times the results are better than any RE or VST.

Option 1- Mic it. Still no substitute for that.
Option 2- Record your amp direct out, and use the handful of Line 6 cabs only with liberal verb/haas touches. Sweet sweet tubed and spring verb/trem goodness.
Option 3- If you must use amp sims, then get one that is standalone and route its output to your computer soundcard. Buy a nice audio splitter, plug it into your computer audio output, and route one signal to the A/D ASIO box you use inside Reason. Done. Cantabile Light and ASIO4ALL are great free bits of kit for this option if your sims aren't standalone, and you can also use it to record VST synths as well.
Option 4- Buy high end or cheap guitar sim hardware. Done.
Option 5- Invoke the spirits of SRV and Hendrix. Chain their souls into Balance to uncover the hidden Reason amp sims.

IMHO, I too would like to see some more guitar related RE's, but I'd wager that when that time comes you won't be necessarily needing them.
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