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Originally Posted by BoSchafers View Post
This DIY point of view has an elitist/macho ring to it. Personally I'm not interested in endless tinkering. Im not a hardcore screwdriver man, I want to spend my time making music.

I use Podfarm Platinum in Reason, which provides easy access to a lot of tones to get there quickly. But an Amplitude RE or Guitar Rig etc would be welcome yet....

All the main DAWS have their own amp emulation as well as the ability to plug in external ones. To pretend Reason does not need this is sheer fanboy denialism.
There is nothing elitist/macho about my post. This whole thread is about a guitar RE request and why we don't have anything yet. I agree. I'd love something for guitar in the rack.

My point was that if you want good guitar tone, and lets face it most guitarists do, then there are simply too many options to list to acquire said tone. I'm quite pleased with my results. Are you?
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