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Stereo width Thor & RV7000

Thor is a great synth but it lacks the stereo width. For example it has a great ability to create poly-detune a multi-oscillator. But it needs a small "spread" knob to spread the unisono oscillators across the stereo field. You could do this while maintaining the backwards compatibility. The old patches would simply load with the spread knob at zero.

What Thor also lacks is the ability to pan internal synths. Three pan-knobs could also be added to the "mixer" area of the synth with backwards compability. Malmström has the spread option to separate 2 channels across the stereo field.

It's kinda ridiculous now, that if you wan't a big stereo synth, you have to create two Thors in one combinator, pan them apart, and whenever you make changes to one unit, you must copy the patch to the other unit.

RV7000 also needs a stereo width knob to control the width of the space, you could add this with backwards compability also.