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Waveform reading improvements

Alrite, this is the last one from me today:

1. Why is the horizontal zoom level of the sequencer limited. Now the largest view is 10 minutes long sequencer. Thats way too small for long projects.

2. The waveform magnification tool should be stepless, and not have only 3 options it currently has. Pro tools has a stepless waveform magnification, but it doesn't have the ability to quickly toggle it back to full normal headroom. You should have the best of both worlds by making a waveform magnification leveler, that snaps to the default position.

3. There should be a way to import&copy only a section of the audio file. Now if you import a multi-hour file, it takes forever to load, even if you wan't only a small fraction of that file.

4. Ideally, there should be a way to read aiff & wav files from other locations than the .reason-file, so that you could import stuff without copying. Now if you have the same ambience-loop in 10 reason files, it takes up 11 times the hard drive space needed. The clips that were on other locations should be marked with a warning sing so that you know it's not included in the .reason-file. Something like this:

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