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Originally Posted by phasys View Post
I'm playing Doom at the moment. KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD! Difficulty level one below Nightmare (which is pretty much impossible).
Hey Phasys! One of the forum regulars (Esselfortium) is heavily involved with a team in the still-thriving Doom mapping & modding community - if you're up for some new levels sometime then I thoroughly recommend the excellent first episode of their Back To Saturn X project which was released last year.

I used to play Q3A and UT99 obsessively back in the day, and Q3A is often the first thing I install on a new comp! Still feels so perfectly balanced after all these years. I used to play a mod for UT99 called Infiltration a lot - it added quite novel (for the time) features such as iron-sights aiming and real-world weapons that have since become very popular. Reading this thread, I'm itching to play it again!
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