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Originally Posted by Ambientdave View Post
To be honest its a load of rubbish,there are very biased people out there
If your happy with Reason stick with Reason
Im very happy with Reason and also Live,ha,ha both work great togheter
Of course there are biased opinions out there. This is a Propellerhead forum so it wouldn't surprise me if people will think Reason should have been #1....because of there bias toward Reason. I personally have used Garageband, ProTools, Reaper, Reason, Cubase; and just recently bought Logic. Each Daw has something special about it. I will concede that the title may be misleading. Maybe it should have been titled, "Most Popular Daws", instead of "Best Daws" since "best" is of personal subjectivity. I also believe it depends on what is being price for features...GUI...etc.

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