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Originally Posted by mrjassonturner View Post
Of course there are biased opinions out there. This is a Propellerhead forum so it wouldn't surprise me if people will think Reason should have been #1....because of there bias toward Reason. I personally have used Garageband, ProTools, Reaper, Reason, Cubase; and just recently bought Logic. Each Daw has something special about it. I will concede that the title may be misleading. Maybe it should have been titled, "Most Popular Daws", instead of "Best Daws" since "best" is of personal subjectivity. I also believe it depends on what is being price for features...GUI...etc.

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Yes I agree with you

Every DAW has its quirks and personalities,which makes people choose ,he,he
I tend to listen to people that use this stuff day in and out
I come from a non musician background,and Reason was and still is ,my favorite choice to make tunes.Been with Reason for 4 years now,and its come a long way,since I owned a copy,lol
But also just started to learn to use Live with Reason too
This has features which Reason hasn't got,lol