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Originally Posted by Ambientdave View Post
Yes I agree with you

Every DAW has its quirks and personalities,which makes people choose ,he,he
I tend to listen to people that use this stuff day in and out
I come from a non musician background,and Reason was and still is ,my favorite choice to make tunes.Been with Reason for 4 years now,and its come a long way,since I owned a copy,lol
But also just started to learn to use Live with Reason too
This has features which Reason hasn't got,lol
I personally am of the opinion that Reason has the best environment, and the most stable of any Daw I've previously mentioned using. I have been using Reason hardcore since 2009. Before then I'd fiddle with it because I was a hardware Drum Machine and Keyboard guy. Reason was the most user friendly of them all to get me through this transition. Protools (v7) then wasn't well suited for production. And I just didn't like the way the Daw and Digidesign interface combination sounded.

I own Abelton as well, but it just doesn't fit in to my personal production scheme. I am used to a more linear way of creating music. I made about 10 or so tracks using FL Studio, but at the time, my (then) computer was too slow to get a finished product. Plus, I wasn't a fan of the pattern sequencing scheme. Now that I own a Mac, FL Studio is not even an option.

After stating all of that, I still wouldn't put Reason as the #1 Daw. I a matter of fact, I know that the browser is very much out of date. There are limited import/export functions. You can't change session parameters, like bit depth, within the session. Audio editing is kind of limited...(one example is there is no key command or short cut to slice or merge audio). No 3rd party vst support kind of puts you at an impasse if you spent money to buy Waves(whatever bundles), and NI Komplete (v?).

I think this is what gives Abelton Live and other Daws it's edge over Reason. Limited Recording options, limited batch operations (like not being able to move more than 1 fader at once an example. Feature wise vs. Price..I would place Reaper at the top. It's not a Daw that comes loaded with Vst's and Presets, but for $60, there is nothing on the market like it. Before v5, I'd create music and mix strictly in Reaper.

Cubase is another that tops my list, but stability was an issue for me. And although it is not straight forward, the features out of the box are enormous. And this was Cubase v5 btw.

Reason is definitely in my Top 5, but has a long way before becoming number 1. That's why I bought Logic Pro 9.

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