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Step Recording?

A long time ago, when Sonar was still Cakewalk, I used "step recording".
They had 3 ways to "sequence in" MIDI music.
1) Using a mouse, one could click the notes and durations in to a staff view or piano roll
2) One could click on record and just play the music on a MIDI keyboard. But you have to be able to sight read a lot better than me to do that.
3) Step recording. In the mode, one would "tell" Cakewalk what the time and key signatures were for the song. Then select the note duration let's say eighth notes. Once in step recording mode, the user would now just play a note or chord on the MIDI keyboard. The program would enter those notes into the song at that point then move to the next point. In my example, this would be the next position for an eighth note. AND WAIT. If a rest was needed,the user would just play a dummy note to hold the spot then go delete the note later with a mouse. The user then plays that note or chord and the program repeats the process. For a lousy sight reader like me, this was awesome entry method. It was a lot faster than the mouse/click method but allowed me to play at my own rate.
I have sequenced quite a few classical pieces like that

Now my question
Is Step Recording available in Reason 7?

Thank you in advance

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