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Sustain pedal controller information problem

I'm having trouble with the controller information from my sustain pedal. When recording piano, the sustain sounds perfect but in playback, it's terrible. Too harsh and inaccurate. I've made sure my pedal is set to continuous but the problem is in playback. I've seen some suggestions to input the controller info. manually. This is very time consuming and I'd rather find a solution. I know this problem has come up a few times. Does anyone know how I can fix this so that the controller info. from the sustain pedal is the same on playback as it is in recording? Even if someone could explain why this problem occurs in the first place.
I'm using a Roland RD-700GX with a Roland pedal. I have my pedal connected to the Damper port on the Roland but I also have FC 1 and FC2.
I generally use the Radical Piano RE in Reason 7.1
Any help to avoid inputting the info. would be much appreciated.