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Originally Posted by littlejam View Post
hello, @ JesseRyckman:

i would appreciate it if you could explain in more detail here about the asio4all
inputting/playing and then turning it off to mix/master: i haven't heard of it
and use asio4all a lot

thanks a lot, j

I guess I pretty well said it all in my first post. It may not work the same way on your computer, but if you export a song you mixed in ASIO4ALL, it will sound different when played back with your computer's regular audio drivers. That could be due to my audio drivers adding some unwanted processing to the sound, but I've never found any special EQs or hidden parameters that would do this.

I would describe the difference in sound thusly: the ASIO version would have more air and space, and the exported version would be denser and bassier.