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Originally Posted by eric View Post
You don't need to bang your head, Eric. Although Reason is more advanced than ReBirth, ReBirth still rocks the bricks at my house.
I got a good story about it....
I was allways playing a cracked copy at a friends house. I liked it so much that I decided to buy it myself.
A few months later Props dropped support for Rebirth and put it in the Rebirth museum.
Moral of the story?
Buy your software legal; you'll get punished one way or the other.

Originally Posted by JpPropellaed View Post
Ok there's too many Eric's here your a couple of days early ' CheeseMiester , this tune has Sunday written all over it ..... & very nice indeed ....
Thanks! It has a Sunday feeling indeed! Thanks for listening!
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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery
And remember, blessed are the cheesemakers, and any manufacturers of dairy-based music !
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You're a hero Eric...thank you.