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R7 Ext. Midi (matrix to synth) Question

G'day mates,

I have just begun to experiment with 7's External Midi Instrument and I am noticing a puzzling problem.

I have a connection from my Mac to a Dave Smith Poly Evolver Keyboard (via Roland USB to midi in/out device). The synth is receiving clock from Reason and playing the note and gate information from matrix properly. However, at the start of each Reason sequencer loop cycle (e.g. bar 1) the synth is also receiving a note on message that triggers it's step sequencer - and then there are two patterns playing simultaneously. I've checked the global parameters of the Poly Evolver and I don't see a way to stop a sequencer note on message.

Should I be troubleshooting this within Reason or within the global synth settings?

Buggered in Brisbane,

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