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Mobile app for capturing melody (and sound) inspirations on the run

Hi there,

This is not a feature suggestion but rather a suggestion for a new mobile app.

I'm quite sure most of us have our greatest moments of musical inspiration at most inconvenient times: driving a car, riding a bus, running to a meeting. That's when a perfect melody (perhaps with an innovative sound) starts to play in our heads. But when you get home and try to memorize what it was, you typically have no clue.

I would love to see an app that could help with this dilemma. An app for making fast notes on a musical inspiration in an intuitive format on the spot. The app should, for example, be able to capture a melody as a sequencer line from humming or whistling (with a decent quantizer and auto-tune). It should also be equipped with a basic easy-to-use synth (and a sample library) to quickly create the type of the sound that is playing in your head. Obviously also straightforward record should be included.

I think it is important to that the point of the app would not be to build the whole song with it but to just capture inspirations and later import those to Reason for actual development of the piece.

Thanks for reading. And even bigger thanks if someone programmes this.