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Originally Posted by JamieRobinson View Post
personally I would want a bit of rise and fall. What you got is awesome but i would say take the drums away for a bit and let a bit of tension in

Maybe the snare could do with turning down a little as well, its nicely mastered but its a bit piercing imo
Thanks Jamie, I'll try dropping the drums out for a section and see what I think, good suggestion. Can the snare ever be too loud!? Maybe you're right, I'll try turning it down and see what I think, it's certainly the biggest thing triggering the Master Comp.

Originally Posted by hamst3rf1sh View Post
Really like it man. The only suggestion I'd make (which I accidentally discovered when I opened on sc)is that the track doubles up on itself really nicely. If you were to bounce the master channel of the first 16 or so bars and play it back about 1 beat out of time over a later part in the track you'd have a great breakdown on your hands
Now this is interesting, I love happy accidents so will definitely try and get this working for a section. Thanks
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