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Very Important VIDEO display

I asked for a video display since reason 4 and nothing happens. So please rocking propellerhead team make a display RE yourself or please ask any of your RE developer to create a great video RE for displaying videos (25 % of Full HD resolution would be enough). So there will be the possibility to make sync sound for videos without any other DAW by rewire.

I want to make video soundtracks only with reason and in the past there was a tool "revision" for sync reason 2/3 with quicktime player. But for a long time the only way is rewire for a sync displayed video by another DAW and thats sucks a lot. Please is there a company who is able to create a RE with a video display ? - that would be a big BOOM for video designer and film artists in making cool trailers, short films, music videos or also big productions.

So come on - anybody must hear this suggestion - I am waiting for many years and reported that a lot, but I donĀ“t give up that it will become true SOON.

Really hope to see a new quicktime RE for video - BOOM!