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Better file browser, especially for samples. Kind of Asset Management


like probably many of us, I have a large amount of samples. Some of them recorded myself, some of them purchased. All in all it's about 1500 files.

The problem is: While I do know that there are great samples among them, and in many cases probably exactly the sample I need, it's a great hassle to find it. The file browser should support me with managing and finding my samples (just like a professional graphics or animation software would offer me some kind of asset management).

Here are four ideas that the ingenious Propellerheads could think about:

1. Indexing & Filtering
Just like with Spotlight on the Mac, it would be nice if Reason could index my "asset folders" and provide a really fast filtering-style search function.

2. Tagging
I could tag my files from within the file browser, making it easy to filter them by tags (e.g. "Rock", "Uptempo", "glitchy" or whatever tag names I want to apply). Multiply tags could be applied to one file.
Together with "Indexing and Filtering" this would be my most wished-for feature. The next point would be nice to have, but the first two would dramatically improve the workflow.

3. Usage counting
If I could see how many times I have used a certain file, I could try and find a sample that I didn't use (often) yet, to give my song a more unique sound. People unconsciously tend to walk on beaten paths, and a usage counter for each file would certainly help to break that. Just like the counter e.g. in iTunes does (where I can easily find songs I didn't play (often) yet or didn't play since a long time).

4. Rating
It would be nice to be able to rate my samples. That way, I could find the ones I like easier, and also find out about samples that I really don't like, and maybe get rid of them.

Actually, I would even love to develop all this functionality as a plugin myself, but a Rack Extension would just not be the right place to do that.


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