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Originally Posted by Hotmitts View Post
If not, they should definitely reset the trial periods every so often.

This is what i meant by my idea of a "virtual ticket" to use juste once, for a period of two weeks ( I intentionally put , in my suggestion, a self restriction as a adjustment variable if this idea is taken into consideration by prop team and/or Re developpers, because , beyond a simple idea put on a thread, this is a real and official demand to prop team , this is why i need you all to massively validate this idea by your participation on this thread, this is for our good ! )

Originally Posted by tiker01 View Post
Some retesting for comparison with new similar devices would be very useful. For example I tested FET at the beginning but since that time there are a couple more compressors and I would like to compare them side by side.

Exactly , you understood me well , good example !

Originally Posted by Emian View Post
+1 this topic.

been clicking the try button sometimes too enthusiast to then later find out i didn't "try" much at all.....

but now i've learned to not try too many RE's in the same time

Exactly , again a good example , thanks !

Originally Posted by colcifer View Post
I would love a short additional trial period for REs that have been updated. There's one RE I'm trialling now that I'm not ready to buy but I'd like to keep an eye on.

Cool, thank you for your example of the "update case" , this so frustrating : a Re is tested, but an important update brings some interresting stuff to an Re, but hooo , too bad ! your trial time is over since a month or two !

Speaking for myself , i would like to try again Etch Red ,Neutron, Viking, RE-2A and Radical Key....and some old stuff like sugarbyte stuff and two Synapse .
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