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Automate Reason Automation suggestions

Things I would like to do in automation. If these are possible today by all means let me know how.

1: Draw clean square / sine / sawtooth waves based on snap on and off
2: A clean up or quantize function to remove redundant points, and attach points to beats on recorded data .
3: Have the ability to only draw forward or straight up and down by holding the shift key or something (is there a way to draw straight up without deleting the last point ?)
4:Record a volume/amplitude curve as automation and be able to invert it (perfect as a starting point for compression type functions without using an expensive in dollar and CPU compressor - also easier to tune the compression curve forwards and backwards)**
5: If you cant do any of these have the ability to import/export automation data for editing in a third party program like excel .

**on point 4 - I know compression and volume reduction aren't the same thing but a similar and sometimes more interesting effect can be obtain by having levels going in opposite directions. Also pasting that curve to say pitch or tone or delay would be interesting. This perhaps could all fall under a point 6 which says record CV to automation and have some ability to bulk manipulate it.

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