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Originally Posted by colcifer View Post
P.S. Can anyone remember the last time an existing device was upgraded?
As Exode mentioned above, there's Dr Rex to Dr Octo Rex, but also ReDrum got the ability to record samples - in Reason 5 I think. The (old, 14-2) mixer was given a new EQ at some point as well, possibly in Reason 2.0. If you look at the back in the bottom left you'll notice there's a switch to choose either Compatible EQ or Improved EQ. That seems to be it for all I can remember, sadly. It's a shame because when Thor was first introduced, I remember thinking it was great that Propellerhead had opened up the possibility of introducing new modules to insert into Thor with later versions, but it doesn't seem that that was their intention. I think it's unlikely to happen now, but new Thor modules like the suggestion in this thread would always be welcome!
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