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I agree about the Orkester instruments. Some of the instruments have one or two harsh frequencies that are damn near impossible to cut out without ruining the sound of the instrument. I also agree about the soundbank. To my understanding R7's sound upgrades don't include more individual drum pieces, synths, basses, etc. Also...

22) SDK update: Every day I wonder why Propellerhead still hasn't done this so RE developers can make more advanced REs.
23) Mclass EQ: Please update this device for the high shelf to go up to 20kHz. For some reason it only goes to 12kHz which makes it impossible to do that very common professional slight rolloff on the high end, as well as impossible to do anything else about 12kHz on the high shelf.

Thank you guys for your input. Let's hope Propellerhead reads this stuff and gets our requests. Keepm' coming!
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