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Figure = Best Metronome App


Is there any way you can make the click track in Figure playable on it's own, or better yet make your own metronome app based around the click track in Figure/Reason?

I'm a session drummer and producer (I've used Reason since version 2) and I've begun to notice that not all clicks are created equal. Of all my set list metronome apps I've tried, Figure is actually the most consistent and best sounding of the lot, just like Reason, except frustratingly only works in record mode temporarily. It is the only one with the consistency of a DAW.

It would be great to expand on that. Honestly, I've got 5 apps on my iPhone just for metronomes, they all sound rubbish and are out of time. No major DAW was ever better than the Reason click IMHO which I've loved since the beginning and it's just as good in Figure. It sounds amazing for its purpose (short, transient and cutting without getting in the way) and is just super tight.

I'm not sure if you realise, but it's the best metronome available on the iPhone and I have to record in Figure to use it! A producer I worked with on a session last week confirmed my suspicions while I was warming up. I couldn't do it with my other apps and we compared them side by side.

Call me crazy, but I think it's worth looking into

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