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I think this is a good idea, or maybe even after a year from when you try the re it resets, yeah!
REset its not like your going to not buy the REs and wait a year to use them.

Although I suppose you might just trial one each month and rotate what you use. But if someone's willing to do that I doubt they'd buy any res anyway

For sure there should be some option to try it again .

For instance I liked the tsar reverb but I can not remember it well enough to spend the money on it so my frame of mind is when something else comes along like it ill trial that and maybe buy that one

This can't be good for the sales of older REs ?

I think someone serious about buying music software isn't going to waste their time playing games with waiting for a retrial or what not,

If Ilike a re and have the money to buy it then I buy it

There is also the other instance where maybe one doesn't properly know how to use say one of the cv devices and maybe one try's it and never figure it out. But then later down the road another similar device comes out and One now knows a little about how to use it, One would have know way of knowing if They liked the other device better.

Which this does not bother the buyer so much because they might be happy with the new device
The developer of the older re on the other hand has less of a chance of making a sale

Another option to trail seems to be a very logical solution keeping all the res relevant over time