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1. New Browser (OR alternate methods for importing patches and audio files...quickly and easily)
2. A way to re-route the favorites if you happen to move things in the HDD
3. Batch Operations (like muting, panning, fader control, folding tracks and devices in the rack.)
4. Love the EQ section idea...but where are they going to put it?
5. New Devices for the Rack for Physical Modeling of Acoustic and Electric Guitar; Brass(Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, and Sax); and String(Viola, Violin, Cello, and Double Bass) instruments.(wishful thinking)

PS. As the original poster stated...some of the "acoustic" instruments sound really harsh....even more when layering. (the Brass instruments especially come to mind)

6. MP3 Export (though I am not a fan of the format...would be convenient simply because of the size, and transferability)
7. A physical modeling Reverb device would be excellent!
8. 'Save' Channel Strip and Mix Channel settings
9. Unlimited Sends/Returns ( many as your processor can handle)..
10. Record Enable Devices
11. Note Repeat function in Kong (like the old...and new Akai MPC's)
12. Pitch Shift (similar to the Time Stretching function, but with auditioning capabilities)
13. A (press and hold when using another tool) modifier for the 'Razor Tool'
14. Mute Midi Notes Option
15. Resizing Midi Notes from both ends
16. Splitting audio without getting booted from the Edit Screen (and a key command for splitting, reverting.)
17. A way to absolutely 'Disable Stretching'. I don't know what happens when you Disable Stretch, and then change the tempo.(I thought it was a bug until it just kept happening)
18. Surprise Me (something none has ever done before...)

Just to name a few Lol

Oh! I almost forgot..
19. Folding tracks in the Mixer..or even a 'Hide Channel' option.

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