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Originally Posted by jtindle View Post
I'm in a praise band without a drummer and have been using Reason Adapted for M-Audio for drum beats. Usually we just make a 16 beat pattern in Redrum and loop it. Occasionally I will try to do the whole song with different beats for verses and chorus and bridges but I'm not a drummer and it takes a very long time and once complete it doesn't sound like the actual songs drums. Would Reason Essentials benefit us over Adapted version? Would I be able to create drum patterns for songs any easier? Also, I have seen where some people will let you download Reason 4,5,6 etc.files to use. Are these compatible with Reason Essentials?


Jeff what you might want to try is making a beat for each section, bouncing it down, then loading it back into DrOctorex to trigger it, and assigning each loop a key on the keypad for easy triggering.

Or use the step sequencer in redrum, assigning different beats for the different sections (and banks for up to 4 songs- each with 8 sections...), again assigning the patterns to a computer keypad key.

Then you can be changing sections by hitting a key, rather than using your mouse/