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my suggestions for thor, malström etc.

i am new to reason and so far i am very happy with it but there are a few things i miss in reason's thor, malström etc., nothing unrealistic nowadays i think.

thor needs a unison mode with detune and pan spread, the multi oscillator in thor needs a pan spread function too. a few more modern sounding "massive like" wavetables would be great.

malström needs a key sync function for the lfo's because they re-triggers really strange when tempo synced, i think to the current song position or so, really strange behaviour anyway. btw user waves for malström would be a dream.

a few other devices needs lfo key sync too, for e.g. subtractor, nn-19 and dr. octo rex.

for the classic effect devices, at least phaser and chorus/flanger, a d/w function would be very usefull.

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