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Originally Posted by Starwave View Post
Pitcher on FL Studio (Pitch correction Plugin) has an interesting feature that creates very clean stereo chords and I think Reason should implement this not only on Neptune but also on Thor, Malstrom, ...
Basically when harmonizer is selected user can decide what happens when more than one key is pressed. For example when only one key is pressed it sounds centered, but when three keys are pressed at the same time (chord) then one note sounds centered, another sounds panned to the left and another panned to the right creating real stereo chord.

That's a simple yet cool feature!

Until it comes to Reason in that form you can use something like the Distributor RE to create similar effects. Though not exactly the same thing, in Thor you can assign Key Note 2 (Octave Range) to panning and get some nice stereo chord effects. :-)
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