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Originally Posted by torusflow View Post
Nice intro. Very Daft Punk. Awesome! Drums may be a tad overcompressed but they do sound good. I sense this was done with R7? Nice saturation on the synths. Amazing fancy glitch works on the synths also and also the filter automations are sick yo. Nice and clean and warm mix. Sweet reverbs and dry parts. Everything sound appropriate and the music is fun! The ending is very sudden. Not sure how I feel about that though..
Sorry to hear that shilt about your computer. Glad to see you dusted off and got back on the saddle. You reminded me I need to backup just in case. It's been a long time.
Thanks man. I still haven't gotten R7 yet as I have to upgrade my mac's O/S before I can upgrade Reason from 6.5. I need to get on that soon cause I was playing around with R7 the other day at my buddy's place and it's verrrrry nice.

Agreed about the ending, buuuuuut if you set the track to loop it all makes sense.

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Hey, that was fun. I could really imagine that thumping out in a club, rocking the dancefloor! Loved the spacious sounding drum breaks too. Good job mate.
Haha, sweet. Thanks dude. I do love me some heady drum fills, I need some better samples for them though, R7 seems to have quite a few.

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so serious?!?