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Originally Posted by mcatalao View Post

3 to 6 ms is a stable reference. I've been down to 1 ms with my raydat, but in this case the pc starts to be a hog. And those 3 ms at 96 kHz would be 5 or 6 total (you have the in path and the out path, that is always just a notch faster).

Yeah I'm pushing about 2 ms total at 128 samples actually. The project pictured is a relatively light project. For my heavier stuff (which tends to have 30-40 tracks of synths, audio, etc) I need to raise my buffer a bit though.

Originally Posted by Darkersound View Post
Cheers for the input.

I am very seriously considering either the balance or duet 2 for the 2 in 2 out option, perhaps with a decent small mixer with the main outs wired into the interface.

I am likely to be using the interface at 44.1 KHz 24 bit. What sort of latency would I be getting tracking outboard midi kit into Reason using itb effects?

Adding some outboard MIDI gear will obviously introduce a little more latency into the chain (assuming you are recording the audio back into Reason), but short of a few buggy iOS apps on my iPad I've never really noticed it to be measurable. My hardware Juno 106 works fantastic with Reason.

As far as latency added using itb effects, that really depends on what you use. Some effects add virtually no noticeable latency. Others (such as Ozone's Maximizer) can add quite a bit depending on its settings. Most of Reason's native are pretty low, though.
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