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Originally Posted by EnochLight View Post

Yeah I'm pushing about 2 ms total at 128 samples actually. The project pictured is a relatively light project. For my heavier stuff (which tends to have 30-40 tracks of synths, audio, etc) I need to raise my buffer a bit though.

Adding some outboard MIDI gear will obviously introduce a little more latency into the chain (assuming you are recording the audio back into Reason), but short of a few buggy iOS apps on my iPad I've never really noticed it to be measurable. My hardware Juno 106 works fantastic with Reason.

As far as latency added using itb effects, that really depends on what you use. Some effects add virtually no noticeable latency. Others (such as Ozone's Maximizer) can add quite a bit depending on its settings. Most of Reason's native are pretty low, though.
Thanks for the extensive reply.

Totally appreciate how something like the ozone maximizer, which is essentially a mastering RE, will add greater latency. I'm more interested in RE's you would use while tracking.

My further question is for my use I would want to input an access virus TI into Reason using its audio outs into an interface (lets say Balance) and I am using the midi out option in Reason.

Lets say I want to arpeggiate a TI synth line and quantize it so it sits tight and record it, what sort of latency should I expect? (24 bit 44.1 khz)

If you have any figures for dry and also with fx in Reason it would be of great help. I appreciate that it will only be an approximation as I have not stated which fx I will use.