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Originally Posted by Darkersound View Post
Thanks for the extensive reply.

Totally appreciate how something like the ozone maximizer, which is essentially a mastering RE, will add greater latency. I'm more interested in RE's you would use while tracking.

My further question is for my use I would want to input an access virus TI into Reason using its audio outs into an interface (lets say Balance) and I am using the midi out option in Reason.

Lets say I want to arpeggiate a TI synth line and quantize it so it sits tight and record it, what sort of latency should I expect? (24 bit 44.1 khz)

If you have any figures for dry and also with fx in Reason it would be of great help. I appreciate that it will only be an approximation as I have not stated which fx I will use.
Again, I'm essentially doing the same with my hardware Juno 106. I control it va an EMI & a USB-based EMU MIDI port, play it via my Nektar Panorama P4, and sequence it using the Matrix and RPG8. Recording it via Balance by my Juno's audio line out into Balance line in - there is no measurable latency on my setup (see signature for hardware). If I were to guess, I would say under 10ms total. As far as ITB effects adding latency, I don't find it an issue with Reason's native or most of the RE's I use (Synapse Audio's devices are dressing up my Juno 106).

I've read that controlling VSTi via a loopback software solution (Soundflower, etc) can add a bit more, but I'm working with hardware for the most part.
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