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Originally Posted by jfrichards View Post
What does the punch-in button do in other DAW's? Does it activate a pre-set place in a track for recording? How are the start and end points set if that's what it does? I've never had to do punch-ins myself, the engineers did it, but now I'm doing my own engineering with Reason.
In Reason, you'd use the left and right markers to set the section you want to record. Then you'd enable punch if it were available - usually a button in the transport section. Now you can place the playback bar anywhere prior to the left maker and hit record. Playback begins, but it doesn't start recording until you hit the left marker, then it ends when you pass the right marker (unless you have looping enabled).

This is useful for say a vocal take where you need to be in the feel and groove of the song and maybe you're mic isn't next to your keyboard. Or for a guitar solo where a count in just isn't enough.

There are workarounds, such as duplicating a track, then recording to that new track, trimming it down and moving the clip up to the original track, then deleting the duplicate. But it's a lot quicker and less confusing to just have an automatic punch in/out.