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Using Omnisphere in Reason?

I've been frustrated trying to find information on how to use Omnisphere with Reason. I wrote ILIO and received this reply:

Omnisphere is a plug-in only. It supports AU, VST, and RTAS formats. As long as you have Reason 6.5 or higher, you should be able to use Omnisphere inside Reason (6.5 is when third party hosting was introduced).

You may also want to verify with Reason to ensure it will host Omnisphere properly. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Your Sales and Support Team

Not terribly helpful, but seems to indicate it should be possible. However so far all I've been able to find on these forums is people saying you need another DAW with VST capability (I've never used VSTs) and to Rewire (also something I've never used), to slave Reason to that DAW. As I use only Reason and no other DAW (or currently any other outside software), that's not terribly appealing.

Does anyone use Omnisphere with Reason as their primary DAW? How is this done? Or is ILIO just completely off their rocker?

Any help is appreciated.
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