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Sudden CPU usage problems. WTF.

Hey guys what up!?

hey guys! how you doing?! here's my problem:

A week ago, or so, my reason 6 started making trouble. It says my computer was too slow. Although I was working on and playing back the same songs, I did before (without any problems).

My system:

lenovo thinkpad e520

- Intel Core i5-2410M Prozessor (2,3 GHz, 3 MB L3-Cache)
- Original Windows 7 Home Premium 64
- Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 German
- 15.6 W HD (1366x768) Anti-Glare, Midnight Black
- Intel HD Graphics 3000
- 6 GB PC3-10600 DDR3-SDRAM 1.333 MHz SODIMM-Speicher (2 DIMMs) -> NOW 8GB RAM
- 320 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm
- Multi Recorder Optical Drive (12.7mm)
- Lithium-Ionenakku mit 6 Zellen (2.2Ah)

and here is what I already did to solve the issue. I have already:

1. formated my laptop
2. reinstalled windows 7 and reason 7.0.1 ( I was using reason 6.5 when the problem suddenly occured)
3. bought another 4GB RAM DIMM (now I got 8 instead of 6)
4. set up everything to serve high performance (turned off anti-vir and graphical gimmicks like aero, etc)
5. optimized my songs (delete everything I didnt necessarily needed, minimized all racks, etc)

what I did not do yet is bouncing some of the tracks into audio files.

however, if i had to do so, I would rather consider a new computer than start working under those "circumstances".

Reason is still making trouble. And then again, I reboot my laptop and everything is ok. Then I quit the session, open it up; and here we go: 100% CPU usage. Impossible to play or listen to the song. Im going crazy, cause I cant figure what the f-ing problem is.

I wonder whether there is any other reason for that strange problem, than a processor which is too weak (suddenly!). Anybody outthere having similar problems and SOLVED it?!

I did not installed any suspicous programs or so before the problem occured and I would appreciate real advice, other than 'buy a mac' or so.

Thanks a lot guys! peace