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This bass sound has the immediate "vibe" of an 80's polysynth like a Jupiter, Juno, Oberheim etc. So if you take your time Thor, Subtractor can create the basic sound with a method based on advice given above.

Don't add too much sub bass or it will turn to mud (even if you don't think so at first. Let the body frequencies breathe as they are the juice of this.

I'd then reach for Pulveriser with a bit of Squash and maybe a bit of 24db Lo Pass to add a sense of punch.

I may then grab a Maximiser and turn the Soft Clip on. Dial up a bit of Gain on the Input until it sounds beefy.

Note that in this track the bass drops in the mix as vocals etc come in so the intro establishes this sound and our ears follow it into the mix if we like it more than the vocal.

If you like this then get into Berlin which is this sort of thing done properly, the real original deal so to speak.

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