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Before I upgrade to Reason 7.....

Hope this is the right place and hope this isnt a topic that hasn't been brought up....

...anyway I work with a production crew and as of right now we are all on 6.5 and I have been waiting on them so I can upgrade to 7 also (was able to play with it in beta testing and loved it!!) so we can all be compatible ...but I can wait no longer!! I would just like the capability to edit in 6.5 with them and do final mixes in 7.

Just a few things I need to confirm:

Would I still be able to go between Reason 6.5 and 7 if I load them in separate places and this not have a conflict with my ignition key or internet login? I am owner of Reason 6 and would upgrade from that but also have a limited/adapted license if need be to keep them separate

Would there also be a conflict with "soft license key?

Is there any possible way in the future they could make Reason where it could be backwards compatible at least to Reason 6 if not Record similar to Pro Tools?

Or am I pushing my luck?

...any feedback is greatly appreciated (I want R7 now) Thanks