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Originally Posted by reasoner498 View Post
You can't open Reason 7 files in previous versions so the best you could do is copy the final mix and rename it as final_mix_r7 or something like that.

I don't recommend waiting on Propellerhead making the files backward compatible...

Wrt the upgrade... upgrading from Adapted is $329 vs $129 from Reason 6/6.5...

What all of this means in a nutshell is that for your own projects, you can use Reason 7, and for collaboration projects, use Reason 6.5.

As for the licensing, if you have Reason 7 installed to your key, Propellerhead has stated in another post that the R7 license will authorize R6/6.5, so you should be able to run both with just Reason 7 installed to the key.... just install each version to its' own folder.
Awesome!! Thank you reasoner 498 for that speedy response & confidence booster ...that last paragragh said it all!! I will purchasing tonight!!