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Originally Posted by Bjerre View Post

Lately I've not been able to see deleted files in the Recycle Bin.
With some googling I found out that the CodeMeter USB-stick overlaps the other hdd's and causing major problems. For instance, you won't be able to restore- or see deleted files in your recycle bin folder.

There should be a solution to this but since a new update to Codemeter removed their "tools > Code Meter Disc Configuration" I have no idea how to fix this problem.

Link to older solution:

I found this on the web:

I just discovered a working solution!

CodeMeter 4.30 and later
Since CodeMeter Version 4.30, the Disc Configuration tool is no longer available.
But the disk configuration can still be changed by using the cmu32-command line tool:

1.Open your command line console (e.g. Start > Run... and then type cmd)
2.Browse / set the current directory to C:\Program Files\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin
3.Now type the following:

cmu32 -s******** --set-config-disk RemovableDisk

Please replace the ******** with the serial number of your CmStick.
The serial number can be found on the CodeMeter key itself, or open the CodeMeter Control panel for the CmStick’s serial number.

Type Exit to close the command prompt.
Finally unplug and replug the codemeterstick.

To change the setting back, you can use this command line:

cmu32 -s******** --set-config-disk LocalDisk.

This solution should work. A problem though is that when you type C:\Program Files in CMD you will get an error message telling you that: 'C:\Program' is not recognized as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

If you know the basics on how to Browse with the 'CD' commands, you will be able to find this with no problem. Remember that the cmu32 might be in another folder and the correct directory should be Program Files <x86>
The above was close but did not work for me so I emailed WIBI-SYSTEMS and they sent me the fix which is as follows :

Open the 'Codemeter command prompt' *this is what was missing above* from Start-Programs-Codememter-Tools-Codemeter Command Prompt. Note the *exe*.

Then type "cmu32.exe -s*enter serial number with dash if has one* --set-config-disk RemovableDisk"

Then remove the codemeter stick and then insert back in.

Done !

Hope this works for others.....drove me mad !