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Midi note editing

I just worked with my brother on his system. He is running FL Studios. The midi editing works really slick. I would suggest a setting in the preferences that allow regular and FL Studio style midi editing.

The way it worked was slick. If you Left click on an empty area in the midi editing screen it would create a note the length of your snap to setting. You could also click and drag to make different lengths again based on your snap to settings.

If you click and drag on a midi note you could move it around.

if you right click on a midi note it would delete the midi note.

I know you can use the qwerty keys for different tool short cuts and use the command modifier while on the arrow tool to temporarily bring up the pen tool. However it is really much easier to be able to make all the functions happen with just you right and and left mouse clicks. It was very intuitive and made creating midi patterns much easier and enabled you to be creative in a programatic environment.

Also from a programatic stand point this feature should be pretty easy to implement.

Hope you guys can make it happen!!!

Sincerely, Greg.