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I really like your style, you're obviously an accomplished musician. It sounds like you've got a bit bogged down with the mix and paranoid about the vocal, which sounds to me like it's been aggressively HP'd so much so it's thin and harsh (easy to fix unless it's the recording), the vocal is not the problem, in fact I'd bet you could go easier on the HP and maybe LP off some of the harsh highs on it instead.

I agree with what has already been said about the bass it's to low in the mix, it sounds as though it should be driving the track and much more prominent. I'm certain it's an accumulation of subs and a sub heavy kick and bass conflict, in which case I would HP or notch out all/most channels above the kick and bass fundamentals, EQ the kick and bass sympathetically and/or sidechain the sub part of the bass so it ducks when the kick hits. Once you've got rid of unnecessary subs and sorted the kick and bass, you will be able to raise levels and achieve a more balanced mix.
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