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Lightbulb Hobo Joe (first song I ever wrote)

Twas 16 years ago when I was 15!
New strategy: I decided to archive all of my songs starting from here at #1 which is a good idea for a few reasons- mostly to have all of my music, well, archived for once and also to practice recording and mixing so by the time I get to my newest and best stuff it'll sound pro..... in a perfect world of course. I won't share every single song as there are over 100 but I'll share the highlights.
*Oh lol- True story and fun fact- So, I wrote this song in rehab when I was a teenager before I even learned how to play guitar so all the music was in my head but I sang it to my therapist and she always made me sing it to her after that. She even sort of danced in her seat. Good times
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Constructive criticism always appreciated.
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