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Trigger Blocks

What I am interested in is something like triggering "blocks" in a live situation with an external controller (i.e. nanopad, launchpad, etc.) where you could define how it is quantized (to beat or measure). Similar to Abletons feature but more Reasonable.

This would be a separate block-type of function away from the current blocks. Maybe they could be called snapshots or Clips. Obviously you could export your own blocks and re-import them to Kong, but I want more pads and options. Using a larger pad like the Launchpad, you could even setup slicing and DJ style effects on separate trigger pads. Then you could remix your own songs or otherwise. I think it would raise the creativity/inspiration many options on a remix to make it better than your original.

On that note, I would love to see a native bit-slicer similar to Izotopes Stutter Edit.

And lastly I would like Neptune to be improved...yea...just improved. Better. Ha. Less like T-Pain, more like Melodyne.

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