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Originally Posted by Kaimata View Post
sorry to do this but -1

Propellerheads have chosen their path and it makes sense to me. We are already sorted for compressors thanks to Softube. A few more RE eq options would be nice now- pultec please and a Fabfilter Pro-Q type beast.

Then Propellerheads and friends can just concentrate on chiselling out creative effects and virtual instruments and we are done.

I like Reason as it is- with everything nicely sitting in the rack- VSTs would spoil that and would compromise performance.

Having said that...... I would like to be able to use my Kontakt libraries inside Reason.
You don't have to apologize. I know what I'm up against here!

I agree that RE's are great, and I've already shelled out some cash for a few of them myself. But I just can't ignore the fact that the full versions of Ozone, B4 or numerous Waves plugins, et al. would be a tremendous benefit without having to leave the Reason environment.

There are things that are proprietary within every DAW, and Reason has already stacked the deck if they decide to go with VST support as well.

But if you are telling me that Softube offers everything you need insofar as compressors go, you are joking, right? Imagine getting an 1176 variant inside of Reason. Or a Distressor (well, I guess there is no exact plugin of that one quite yet...). Softube has some nice stuff, but it isn't either of those... or at least not the same in terms of functionality. The Dynamite is frikkin rad though. Gotta hand it to 'em on that one...

Again, think of being able to open up the UAD plugins in Reason. Sorry, but that thing positively KILLS anything available as a rack extension thus far, and for all the obvious reasons. I mean, I'm all for doing it on the CPU, but PCI hardware acceleration is a superior concept to Rack Extensions in this particular column.

I agree that VST's are indeed buggy, but Props is smarter than that. I have to give all praise where praise is due: the dev team has truly led by example in terms of stability. I would propose that they come up with some kind of way to shell or sandbox the VST instruments so that in the event that they DO crash, they don't take the Reason Engine with it. Basically, the VST itself closes, and perhaps with the option to reload on the fly.

Furthermore, any "floating window" concept could easily be handled by offering a VST Panel in the reason rack. 8/16 ins and 8/16 outs, 4 CV in/outs on the back, Level Indicators, Note on/off, panel button and enable/disable switch. Press the button (just like in any other DAW) and the instrument panel for the VST pops up in a floating window.

But here's where Reason would simply outflank the competition: The rack architecture is still solely unique as you can route any device to any other device in any order that you choose the way you would real hardware. Ableton will allow this, but it's not as clean as how Reason handles things.


Okay, okay... how about this then>> A RACK EXTENSION FOR THE MUSE RECEPTOR!!!! How does THAT sound?!?! :P

Anyway, happy trails, and even if *I* sound condescending at times, I mean no harm. I just think it rather pointless when someone who has nothing to offer the discussion feels the need to chime in on MY threads.


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