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Originally Posted by ryszard View Post
Magnificent--another winner. I especially like the lonely feel of the guitar (is that real? I hear string noise) and the continued progress on the backing vocals. Did you use Neptune or a pitch shifter on the BV, or is that in your normal range?

Keep 'em coming, guys.

Edited to add: I'm in the process of moving and could only listen to this via laptop on 'phones. Can't wait to get the big speeks hooked back up so I can hear it in all of its ambient glory. This stuff needs to be played LOUD!

Hi Richard

Thanks very much -glad you enjoyed it

That's Carl playing a real guitar there, processed using the line 6 guitar amp.

And Carl's natural vocals. He applies some compression and EQ, but never amy pitch shifting or correction.

Good luck with the move! Can be a bit of a stressful time!