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Nice big phatt sound Jonse ' Good hard & driving & some nice Glitchy-twist's , Tip Jonse. that lead Saw that drops in at 2,20 & continues through-out the duration with a quarter feel: BUT Should after either 8 or 16 bars or even 32 bars ' do a GEAR-Shift & Double in time / 8ths or even 16th's WITH TWO SLIGHTY VARING RIFFS...ONE CALLS & THE OTHER ONE ANSWER'S & DONT FORGET A DIRTY BIG FILTERING_SWEEP: ADDING PLENTY DARK & PLENTY LIGHT. HiT THE PEDDLE TO THE METAL & RUN EVERY RED LIGHT YOU CAN ... THIS IS NOT CRITISISM : JUST OBSERVATION PS I HAVE MADE THESE SAME SMALL ERROR'S MYSELF MANY TIMES. & STILL DO UNTILL SOME ONE REMINDS ME
Both Edward Snowden & Bradley Manning should be nominated for NOBLE PEACE PRIZE: Lest we become a 4th reich / Globally >>>>
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