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Thanxxx JP & Peter , Jonse is my username in this forum which created years ago but 15th SINE yeh I'm aware of what cannon fugue writing melody is the main melody from breakdown is inspired by my all time fav classical composer Niccolo Paganini. This track was a pure experiment I was testing out new Reason 7 , all the synths are Thor run in parallel chanel's and the growl noise is a female one shot vocal run through peff Re, neptune, rob pappen dist Re and delay.

The mix of genre is what I was focusing on the most crossing over styles of Trance , Electro , Dubstep , ppl on my facebook sledged attacked me because there still in the mode we love Trance like if it's 1999 - 2003, so do I but genre's / sounds must move on in order to sound fresh.

Thanxxx for your feedback much appreciate