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Help with Sidechaining!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry if I'm not posting this in the right place but please excuse me as this my first time posting anything.

I recently purchased Reason not too long ago. I absolutely adore the program more than any other DAW out there and mainly use it for making metal music. I'm very new to the DAW universe so there's still so much I dont understand. Over time I noticed my bass would push away the impact of the kick drum and didn't know how to fix that problem. I've snooped around the internet and found some real helpful stuff about the sidechaining technique, but never understood it.

I use "Alt Drums" for my beats but also don't know how I would go about separating and sidechaining it to my bass audio track. If anyone here is interested in helping a sleezy newb learn this trick I am grateful. Again I'm sorry about posting this into the wrong area if so.