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Originally Posted by mrjassonturner View Post
Can anyone one please explain to me how VSTs would make Reason unstable if YOU the user chose not to use them in Reason if Props ever ported their use to the software? I keep hearing other Users say.."no because it's because it makes Reason unstable..." Ok....?? I thought it would make Reason unstable only if you actually tried to use VSTs with the software... Or are you saying the code..or algorithm..or whatever it would take to make VSTs usable inside the program would make Reason unstable?

I am just a music maker, not a programmer...and I keep seeing the same reason from other Users as to why Props shouldn't implement VSTs, but no one has really said anything pertinent...except.....No because VSTs are unstable...or VSTs make other programs unstable....

As a music maker, not a programmer...i feel like the more options to use more sounds, the better. There are companies out there that make excellent plug-ins and virtual instruments. Why force users to choose the REs vs. VST? Let the choice be up to the User if they want to use VSTs, but at least make it a more viable option. They already 1/2 way implemented VST with Midi Out. All they need to do is take it 1 step further.

As I said before, if you don't like VSTs...or you think they will impede your workflow...umm the solution is really simple. Propellerhead would be foolish, as any company, to stump there potential for growth. So do you think there are more users who chose not to use Reason because of limited use with VSTs...? Or do you think more people chose to use Reason because of it's limited portability? I think if you asked why did you choose FL Studio, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One, etc...etc...over Reason.. I'd assume one of the main reasons would be because of what all the other Daws have in common.

The fact that you are limited to a vast selection of Synths in the RE shop, and very few "Live Instrument" sounding REs already has me looking the other way... I thought the business model for every company to succeed was to keep your customers from looking the other way...?? And to keep them coming back...?? I realize you can't please all the people all the time...but you can at least try to please ALL the people some of the time..

And I think these poll results reflect nothing relating to this issue. I know 2(registered) users right now who don't even use Props forum at all... One of them just bought a MPC Ren..(which I think ports VST as well) there is one less customer I know about. He says he will use Reason for the sounds...but as for Props...they just lost stock with a possible updater...see?
What sense would it make when devs have spent quality time porting their plugins only to have PH say ok we are supporting VSTs now? If you were a dev who worked hard coding, designing GUI, recruiting testers, setting up shop pages etc. How would you feel if PH just got up started supporting VST?

To address some of your points:

It would make sense for them to support VST if you didn't have the option of REs or Rewire. They have both, you have options. Therefore there is no reason what so ever to support another plugin format. THEY NOW HAVE THEIR OWN FORMAT TO SUPPORT.

It goes both ways. If you like VST this solution is simple. Another thing, its not for you to say how they should run their company. Their vision may not fit yours or mine. They have come this far doing their own thing, clearly something is working.

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Instead of requesting VST support encourage them to improve Reason and whatever technologies they have. This would be most logical.
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