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Question Midi clock out on multiple ports

Hey all

In our studio, we use Reason 7 alongside Logic Pro, Maschine and a lot of analogue outboard such as Moogerfoogers etc. We're also very much into our modular synths. This being the case, we always need to synchronise more than one piece of kit to midi clock.

We've been dipping in and out of Reason ever since the very first version, and the addition of midi out (WOOP!!) gave us the idea of putting Reason at the centre of everything in the studio with the option to carry on working on the laptop when out and about.

However, as it turns out, the current system of only being able to choose a single midi port to output midi clock is (for us) bordering on useless. With Logic, we've been used to sending midi clock to all 8 ports on our midi interface.

I know our requirements aren't that niche ...There must be a huge number of people who agree this is a bit of a show stopper?? ...I see on another post that others have experienced the bug with syncing to Maschine. Yes, I have that too ...and it's annoying, but there's ways around that by changing our workflow to suit. Unfortunately tho, short of buying more gear, there's no workaround for this midi clock issue.

As I've expressed in my previous posts to this forum, I find Logic so immensely frustrating and want to use Reason as it's waaaay more fun and creative ...but unbelievably, Logic still has basic functionality on it's side and gets the job done.

Thanks for reading

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