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Boby , Open up Reason , load in Redrum , change kit too Hiphop Kit 03 : drop tempo to 90. BPM: VIP_Start with KICK:So using Redrums Sequencer: place a note on the first step & then another on the 11th step. Now select the Clap & place the first note on the 5th step & another one on the 13th step Now for the Hihats First note on Step 3 & 7 & 12 & 15 You will now have a real simple Groove : try changing kits or just try changing the samples themselfs The kick & the Clap ! : if you get stuck , i will post you some small Reason Tune examples /HipHop/Rap: or try Youtube, Writing HipHop in Reason' or something Ps [click the shuffle button] it will make it swing / a nicer groove Here'a small example [ you will need 6.5.3 ]
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